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A USER is anyone who visits (hereinafter referred to as the WEBSITE) or attempts to gain access to the WEBSITE. ENVETEX AUSTRALIA (ABN # 98154194662) owns all copyrights to the WEBSITE. Envetex retains the copyrights to its logo, brands and the brand names of all Envetex product lines., ‘US’, ‘WE’ means website owner and ‘YOU’ means USER or VIEWER

1. Website Content

Unless given explicit permission, no part of graphic, code or content from the WEBSITE may be copied, downloaded, reused or uploaded in any way on or off the internet. All content present on the WEBSITE is the property of ENVETEX AUSTRALIA and it may not be used by any individual or group without ENVETEX AUSTRALIA’s prior consent.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA does not allow the use of any automatic devices, programs, robots or spiders etc. to access the WEBSITE or acquire information from the WEBSITE or copy the WEBSITE and/or its contents or attempt to gain access to information that is not made available by the WEBSTIE administration to the USER.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the right to bar any USER from using the WEBSITE if suspected of any such activities. The terms of use of this site is governed by the Australian law.

2. Use of the Website

USER agrees not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of the WEBSITE that is not open to public viewing. A USER may not attempt to gain access to any feature and/or portion of the WEBSITE, or any connected Third Party website, through hacking and/or password mining or by using any other illegitimate or unethical means. USER agrees not to ‘test’ the WEBSITE, its server, or any network connected to the WEBSITE for vulnerability. USER agrees not to attempt to trace information on other USERS through the WEBSITE.

USER agrees not to use any means of physical or virtual, coded software or device to interfere with the workings of the WEBSITE or to gain access to information from the WEBSITE through illegitimate or unethical means. USER agrees not to misuse and/or forge or manipulate any communication from ENVETEX AUSTRALIA. T

he USER may not misrepresent or impersonate the WEBSITE or ENVETEX AUSTRALIA or any other USER in any manner.

USER may not attempt to use the WEBSITE in any unlawful manner and may not use the website for any illegal activities or to aid or comply with any illegal activities.

All the materials in the site is owned entirely by ENVETEX AUSTRALIA and the USER only has the right to view this website and contents.

USER agrees not to misuse the trademarks of this site. USER agrees not to attempt to interfere with the working or transactions of this site or trace the information of any visitor to this site.

USER agrees not to impersonate another individual on the WEBSITE.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA does not offer downloadable materials. We do not guarantee that the site is free from viruses and it is the responsibility of the USER to scan the contents for virus and agree to be responsible for any risk of virus from the programs or files from this site.

User agrees not to use any linkages to this site, and also agrees to access third party site links at their own risks as ENVETEX is not responsible for the contents of those sites. User agrees not to use the site for purposes prohibited by the terms of use of this site.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA has the right to change the contents of the site at anytime without notice ENVETEX AUSTRALIA or its staff/owner is not responsible for any errors in the site and we do not guarantee for any performance or accuracy of materials found in the site.

3. Age Limitations

By agreeing to these Terms of Use the USER acknowledges that they are over eighteen (18) years of age. No USER under eighteen (18) years of age can place orders on this website or make a purchase. Parents of minors are liable to pay for any damage of goods ordered by minors.

4. Order Placement

USER may place an Order via the Checkout page on the WEBSITE. An Order is considered ‘placed’ once the Payment has been made by the USER.

An order once placed cannot be changed or cancelled. So, make sure you place the order only after checking the specifications of the product.

Once the Order is placed the WEBSITE will issue a tax invoice to the USER’s email address provided in the order form and the USER will be notified that the order is being processed. Online shipping tracker facility for delivery is available by logging into the user’s account and the WEBSITE or ENVETEX AUSTRALIA is not responsible for any delay on behalf of the delivery service provider.

The purchased Item will be dispatched once the payment is cleared by the service providing bank verifying that there is no payment fraud intended. We may also check the bona fides of your order form with the payment option used by the USER to guard against credit card frauds.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the right to refuse services to a USER we suspect of carrying out fraudulent transactions and/or terminate the account of any USER suspected of indulgence into any such activity. ENVETEX AUSTRALIA has the sole right over the contents of its WEBSITE and may change and/or remove the content and/or prices on the WEBSITE at any time.

Once an order is confirmed, the USER will get an email from ENVETEX AUSTRALIA confirming the order and the shipment details. If an order cannot be processed or ENVETEX AUSTRALIA refuses to accept an order, the USER will be contacted by email or telephone to relay / convey the information and/or arrange a refund where applicable.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA strives to protect any information collected from the user and abides by its privacy policy stringently.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA does not save the USER’s credit card details. All information regarding the credit card is securely handled by the service providing bank.

We use BigCommerce shared SSL certificate for our E-commerce website.

5. Payments

We accept payments through direct bank deposits, Checks, Money orders and we also accept PayPal, Visa and Master Card. You should be willing to provide any further identification for security purposes.

We do not finalize orders until we receive payments within 7 days of order confirmation Envetex has all the rights to cancel an order if the payment is not received. We accept payment in Australian Dollars only when payment is through bank deposit or check.

6. Shipping

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA is open Monday to Friday. All orders are processed and shipped during working hours. All orders made outside of these hours will be processed as soon as the office opens on the next working day.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA works with third party delivery service providers to deliver orders on time. All shipping options include the option to track the package; ENVETEX AUSTRALIA never uses unregistered mail.

USERs will be required to sign for delivery. It is the USER’s responsibility to ensure the address on the order form is correct and the USER is available to receive the purchased item.

Delivery company does not call before they deliver the purchased items (Please go through Shipping and Return and Exchange Policy for further details regarding redelivery). The USER will be responsible for ANY re-delivery costs charged by the Third Party delivery service.

The USER is responsible for entering a proper address upon filling out the order form; P.O. Box addresses are not considered proper delivery addresses.

The USER is responsible for any extra costs incurred by the delivery company if the addressed is entered incorrectly by the USER when placing the order.

Product prices on the WEBSITE do not reflect custom duties for overseas customers. It is the USER’s responsibility to deal with any taxes or fees imposed in their respective country.

It is advisable that international USERs check with their local custom offices for detailed information.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the rights to change the prices of the products anytime.

In the rare case where the USER does not find the delivered item satisfactory, please refer to ENVETEX AUSTRALIA’s Returns and Exchange policy for details.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA is committed to the shipping times displayed on this website. However, all shipping times remain tentative. ENVETEX AUSTRALIA is responsible only for dispatching the items on time and through properly registered post; ENVETEX AUSTRALIA is not responsible for delays due to any circumstances faced by the shipping service provider.

Generally there is availability of all items, and subject to terms and conditions, we can ship you the product you ordered and if we cannot ship the item of your choice, we can arrange for substitution or refund.

7. Returns or Exchange

Please contact us at to register your complaint and get assistance within 7 days of delivery, before you return an item.

Please be aware that any orders, returns and exchanges will be processed Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm (GMT+10) only.

Returns and exchanges are only possible if the sold product is reported to us within 7 days of delivery and shipped to Envetex Australia Pty Ltd., P.O. Box.283, West Pennant Hills NSW, 2125 through tractable registered post within 2 weeks of delivery. This is to ensure that item tracking is possible and there are no complications or misunderstandings regarding exchange/refunds.

Exchanged item will be shipped only once the initial purchase is received at our Envetex office.

If you would like to exchange a shipped item for a change in colour, size or style, please contact us before returning the item. We will guide you regarding the availability of the desired colour, size or style.

Client pays for return shipping of products being exchanged because of an incorrect choice. Please check the measurements and colour correctly. Due to our stringent health and hygiene regulations, Envetex will only exchange items if the purchased product is returned to us unused, unwashed, undamaged and with all packaging, tags and labels in place. Please do not return items that do not comply with these standards because it will not be possible for us to exchange or refund them.

Free shipping offers do not include shipment of an exchanged item.

If the customer provides insufficient or incorrect contact details, or is unresponsive when contacted by us to coordinate a return transaction within one week after initial delivery, or if the item to be exchanged is not shipped to us within 2 weeks after initial delivery, ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the right to cancel its return or exchange offer for the item in question without any liability on its part.

While we want you to be happy with your purchase, we do not offer ‘on approval’ purchases. That means you are not allowed to purchase multiple items and keep the one you like best. ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the right to reject exchange or returns for items that we believe fall in this classification.

Repeated exchange requests may not be entertained as per our discretion.

It is the customer’s responsibility to be available to receive the delivered item and provide the requested signature on delivery.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA  takes great pains to ensure all our products are quality tested and in perfect condition when they reach you. In case a damaged item is delivered to you by mistake, please contact us within 48 hours of delivery to be advised on the replacement procedure. If we deem that the damaged item was indeed our fault, you will be delivered a replacement item free of shipping cost.

If an item remains undelivered due to your unavailability at your given address, please follow any instructions left by the delivery company personnel. In a case where you are unable to contact the delivery company in time, please contact us at for reshipping or refund. We will process your request for refund / reshipping once the item is received back at our office. The customer is responsible for all shipping or reshipping charges.

USER is responsible for entering the correct shipping address when making the purchase. In a case where there may be additional shipping charges applicable because of your location, ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the right to contact you prior to shipping to confirm your order with adjusted shipping charges.

Shipping times taken for the product will commence after the correct shipping charges have been paid.

ENVETEX AUSTRALIA reserves the right to alter product prices as required at any time without any prior intimation / notification to anyone.

Refund requests will be processed at the original paid price of the item.

Exchange price of the item being ordered will be the price of the item at the time when the request is accepted.

Sale items are not refunded or exchanged; any exceptions to this rule are at Envetex’s sole discretion.

For customers outside Australia, please be aware of any importation restrictions or charges levied by your home government on the products you order from Envetex. The customer will be responsible for any / all taxes or importation charges.

The site can be accessed from Australia or any country outside Australia at the User’s own risk.

The terms of use of this site are governed by the Australian laws.